Welcome to ElShaddaiNZ

The El Shaddai Bible Study Group comprises of 40+ parishioners from 8 different Catholic churches around Auckland, and 3 people from ‘other’ denominations; who come together each Sunday to study the Word of God. We also have skype viewing for those members who now live on the outskirts of Auckland.

The group has been active since the last 16 years, but has been fellowshipping under its new name of ‘El Shaddai’ since the last 12 years. We strive to encourage our members not only to read and understand the Word of God, but to go back to their own parishes and help to serve God in a better and more fulfilling way.

Our sole mission is to understand the character and mind of God by having a better knowledge of His Word. Even if you don’t have any previous insight into the Bible, fear not as we all started out the same way. The only qualification you need is a thirst for the Word and a desire to know your Saviour better.

For those who are already well established in the Word and wish to be in ministry, we have 5 ministries that you could choose from:

  • ES Finance Ministry – Led by Robin Cooper
  • ES Rapha Ministry- Led by Maria D’Souza
  • ES Breakthrough Ministry – Led by Benaz Dias
  • ES Communications Ministry – Led by Jeff Rodrigues
  • ES Technology Ministry – Led by Johnsy D’Souza

We don’t have any written assignments but we do have a lot of Spiritual extra-curricular activities like spiritual debates, quizzes, skits, men’s breakfast, Christian movie nights, and not to mention our outdoor activities like picnics, bowling nights, women’s night, ES dinners etc. There is always something for everyone as we have worshippers ranging from their 20’s to 80 years of age.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Audrey Cooper on 021 1415778.

Conducted by: Audrey Cooper. Fee: It is free of charge.

Venue: Church of the Saviour, 2 Heaphy Street, Blockhouse Bay. Parking on Kinross st.

Time: Every Sunday 4-6pm in the church community hall downstairs

Email: audreyc3161@gmail.com

Audrey Cooper is the leader of the group and is a Charismatic Catholic involved in a number of volunteer based Christian Outreach programmes. Each week she takes the group through the Word having spent over 20 years studying the Bible and teaching scripture both in NZ and in India.

To further her own thirst for knowledge, she continues to study the Word each day and seeks clarification from world renowned scholars from well recognised Bible institutions like Kings College, Laidlaw College and St John’s College. For those scriptures that relate to our own Catholic teaching, she routinely gets her explanation from Msgr. David Tonks.

She was also a Bible in School teacher, a certified School Chaplain and is a staff member in the Chaplaincy department at the Mount Eden Correctional Facility. She also ministers to the inmates under the PCSANZ banner and has taught them Christian poetry on a regular basis.

She has published a book of spiritual poetries written over a period of twenty years titled “Oasis”; the proceeds of which went to Jerusalem for the conversion of Jews to Christianity.

Navigate through the various tiles on our homepage for a good overview of our group, our activities and our weekly newsletters (which always has section on the teachings of our Holy Father Pope Francis) which have attracted over 200000 visitors to our webpages so far.

Our Vision

Teaching the World one scripture at a time.

We teach in a way not as philosophy is taught but in the way the Spirit teaches us. We teach spiritual things spiritually. 1 Corinthians 2:13

Our Mission

El Shaddai NZs mission is just ‘be there’ where we are needed most; be it praying for the needy, visiting the sick and elderly or those in prison and includes a desire to evangelise.

We don’t claim to know it all but we do know that Christ loves each one irrespective of colour, caste, creed or religion.

We also believe that Christ will not come back in all His glory until His message is preached to all the world. Mathew 24:14

Our Various Ministries

We have confidence that each person is important to God and therefore important to us at the El Shaddai prayer group. And when it comes to prayer, we believe Jesus desires to meet our needs especially when two or more are gathered to pray for someone.

We have structured portfolios ranging from the Rapha Healing ministry, the Breakthrough Intercessory ministry, the Prophetic ministry, the Single Support group ministry, the Technology ministry, the Men’s breakfast group ministry and the Communication and Events ministry.

Each ministry is led by a ministry leader who holds regular meetings with the portfolio members and ensures the Catholic principles of prayer and devotion are maintained on a daily basis until the petitions prayed for are answered

Our Sunday Session

Each Sunday starts with a session of praise, followed by the preaching on the Word that is then followed by a session of worship and a time for personal reflection during which the prophetic message for the week is delivered.

After that a short opportunity to fellowship over a cup of tea and biscuits before the evening concludes. This layout helps in preparing each group member with the confidence to face the week ahead self-assured in their place in Jesus Christ our Saviour.

Our activities

Over the year there are a multitude of activities that provide both a learning and an application of knowledge opportunity along with social community events.

These can range from Life programmes for Adults and Youth, Lenten and Advent retreats, Biblically themed skits, Bible quizzes and debates down to picnics, camps and Christian movie nights or similar type fun outings like ten pin bowling.

Our Community Focus

We regularly support the Christmas Shoe Box appeal for disadvantaged children and have contributed mightily towards this initiative.

We work with our parish offices to seek out disadvantaged families in need and recently fundraised $1,150 towards the medical expenses of a young child who had undergone a major surgery.

We have conducted street evangelisation and through this brought a number of people towards our website, our phone lines or to the Sunday meetings asking more questions on the Word of God and what Jesus’s salvation means.

We make contact with newly arrived students from overseas who have no family in Auckland to offer them both a welcome and put them in touch with good families known to host overseas students.

Audrey was recently interviewed on Planet FM 104.6 by the Good Guys Community broadcast team on the topic of Lent where she also had the opportunity to promote the El Shaddai ministry. This was well received and again generated a large volume of phone calls and emails seeking for more information.