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  1. Benaz Dias says:

    Why Catholics do not like to attend services at any other churches except Catholic churches. I can make no sense of it? Can you explain? thanks

  2. Benaz says:

    please can you explain a little more in detail the below scripture/parable: Matthew 22:14. For many are called , but few chosen

  3. Audrey Cooper says:

    Inorder to understand this scripture from Mt 22: 1-14 many are called but few are chosen, you have to read the verses before it which talks about the parable of the ‘king’ and the ‘wedding banquet’ for ‘his son’. In this parable the ‘people’ that were ‘chosen’ by the king to come to the wedding, chose to ignore the invitation, so the king had to send ‘other’ servants to invited all the ‘others (who were poor)’ that were not originally chosen…..and so the ‘banquet hall’ was full. If you read it at first sight you will think that the king is rude to the guest asking him why he has come to his son’s wedding with no wedding clothes on. But if you take into consideration that the KING might have made prior arrangements for each of his underprivileged guests to have a special robe stitched for them, then it would explain why he was angry. It was not the fact that this guest came uninvited, but the question was that he didn’t want to wear the robe offered to him by the king, and hence he was ordered to be bound hands and feet and taken away to the place where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. If you meditate on the words that are in ‘inverted commas’ and try and apply them to ….The Father, The Son, Jews, Gentiles, Robe of righteousness etc, it will all make perfect sense to you. Christ in His mercy HAS CALLED MANY to his kingdom banquet, but you have to come on HIS terms. You have to accept HIS Sacrifice on Calvary and wear HIS Robe of Righteousness (Isa 61:10)….and only a CHOSEN FEW will choose to wear it. As Isa 64:6 tell us that all OUR righteousness are nothing but filthy rags. Hope the above helps you to understand this scripture a little better. Be blest Audrey Cooper

  4. Joe Dias says:

    Why are lay people not allowed to preach in the church . This makes no sense to me at all. Is this scriptural . Please comment.

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