Families are busy and they are busier today than they were in the past.

With school, sports, work and community events taking up most of our time, parents and kids are increasingly turning to technology to help them multitask. If you’re a concerned parent who wants to make sure that we are using  technology to improve our lives rather than overtake it then you can approach many of the parenting / technology websites which are very educative.

I think, we are all put into a dilemma between over-parenting and under-parenting.

While over-parenting is not at all good because it comes across as coercing, mistrusting and stifling;  under-parenting lets kids grow into adults who have not learned how to work cooperatively, how to set limits, work inside set boundaries, and how to make appropriate choices and decisions in life.

We as parents have to decide and take that balanced route, specially while dealing with teens and youth.

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