Can We Help You?

Most of us have difficulties we come across and we do need help at some time or other– may be something to do with Computers, something about Website browsers or maybe the use of the ElShaddai Website it self, or may be any other query  bible related or Newsletter related or Elshaddai Calendar etc etc.

While discussing web / computer related problems with various people, I have come across questions which are common and most often repeated.

So I have created a Question and answer forum, where you can pose your queries directly and get them answered by any of the other intelligent members. I have initially created categories from which you can choose from and by and by we can add more as required. The Questions and answers will also be displayed as a FAQ page.

I have named it “Ask Ebenezer” after 1 Samuel 7:12



2 thoughts on “Can We Help You?

  • March 22, 2017 at 11:59 pm

    When does the El-Shaddai newsletter gets uploaded on the web site please. I eagerly await the newsletter every week

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