[23/5, 1:44 pm] Audrey Cooper: Hello everyone. Praise the Lord and His Holy Spirit for His power, presence and anointing. It was soooo good to see all of you filled with His Power. I hope u gained something from the 2 teachings and the workshops.
Towards the end it sounded like a mini upper room experience with the room filled with tongues.
At first I was a bit disappointed with so many who backed out with some flimsy excuse or the other but Aunty Lena told me. “Don’t worry Audrey . Who the Holy Spirit has chosen they will come and be filled with His power.” And how true. The Spirit did show up and show off in a way only HE could.
On behalf of my ES leaders I would like to thank those 6 chosen to lead the groups. What an awesome anointing prevailed. Thanks also to Michelle and Robin for their ongoing help. Couldn’t have managed without both of you. For all those who helped set up and clear up…. thanks from the bottom of my heart.
Michelle has collected 545/- from the love offering. 300/- went towards the hall booking. The balance 245/- will be used to hire the friary for our ESB and ESR ministry training and workshop. Thanks for your generosity. 🙏
I will keep this ES WhatsApp page open for sometime for anyone who would like to share their experiences at the Seminar.
Have a blest day. I’m just going to just unwind now. Thank God the children are taking us out for dinner so I don’t have to cook. Phew 😅. Blessings in abundance. Audrey😘😘😘
[23/5, 1:52 pm] Audrey Cooper: Thank you Audrey and Robin for organising such an awesome prayer session. I learnt a lot from the teachings and felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. Have a great afternoon god bless both of you and your family. Mariefleur
[23/5, 1:53 pm] Michelle: Thanks Audrey. What a wonderful morning. Great teaching and workshops. I am sure each of us came a away with a msg that was relevant to us and feeling blessed. You have made Him proud. God bless you & Robin always, for all you do to serve Him 🙏
[23/5, 1:54 pm] Audrey Cooper: Thanks my dear 😘😘😘
[23/5, 1:56 pm] +64 210 898 3227: Thanks Audrey for the Upper Room experience. God bless you n your family.
[23/5, 1:57 pm] Audrey Cooper: Thanks my dear. 😘😘😘
[23/5, 1:59 pm] Audrey Cooper: As one of those chosen by the Holy Spirit to be present today, I thank Abba our Father, Jesus His Son and the Holy Spirit for getting g me to this inspiring workshop. Thank you Audrey for ‘all of you’ that you give so freely and devotedly to this Ministry and to Robin for his steadfast support. All Praise and thanks in Jesus’s mighty name – Amen. Gorretti
[23/5, 2:00 pm] Audrey Cooper: Thank you Audrey and Robin for this talk of today. It was such a wonderful blessing from God anointing us with Holy Spirit. I experienced the powerful touch of God. Praise God for HE has always guided me and HIS holy presence in my life. All Glory to him. 😘😘🙏🙏. Gracey.
[23/5, 2:05 pm] Audrey Cooper: Stay blessed dearest Audrey and Robin. Thank you for your invaluable teaching. Will always remember this. Love you. God bless. Joyce F
[23/5, 2:06 pm] Carmen (ES): Dear Audrey and Robin, I had a wonderful experience of the presence of the Holy Spirit and the powerful anointing. Thank you Audrey for the excellent teaching. God keep you blessed always.
[23/5, 2:07 pm] Audrey Cooper: Thanks Aunty Carmen. Glad u had a good Holy Spirit experience. 😘
[23/5, 2:11 pm] +64 21 107 0423: Thanks Audrey for the wonderful experience of the Holy Spirit & the powerful annointing. God Bless🙏
[23/5, 2:12 pm] Audrey Cooper: Thanks my dear. And glad you brought Melita. Hope she learnt something kids of her age only hear about and never experience
[23/5, 2:18 pm] +64 210 407 990: What an amazing 👏 and awesome prayer meeting 🙏 Thank you God for anointing Audrey and Robin to make a lost soul like me to feel and understand more about connecting with The Holy Spirit. I thank you Maria for introducing me to the group. And to my leader, today, Yvette for praying for me empowered with The Holy Spirit and for the prayers for all our children🙏. My faith and Trust have experienced a Holy manifestation confirming that I need to let go of my baggage so that my mind soul and body are filled with the Presence of The Holy Spirit. In all truth 🙌 I am still soaking in this most beautiful experience of today’s session. May God shower His blessing upon El Shaddaianz and all who seek His Presence Amen 🙏 🙌 ✝️🛐
[23/5, 2:21 pm] Audrey Cooper: Oh my dear. Soooo thrilled that u had an awesome experience. May that experience of the Spirit never leave u. 😘😘😘
[23/5, 2:21 pm] +64 210 407 990: Amen 🙏🏼
[23/5, 2:21 pm] Andrea Costar: Thanks Audrey and Robin for the wonderful experience of the Holy Spirit this morning and for the great teachings and workshops. God bless you for all the hard work you put in to explain the scriptures to us. You are blessed. Thank the Lord and the Holy Spirit for being with us and making everything go well. All for His glory. Amen. 🙏
[23/5, 2:22 pm] Audrey Cooper: All for His glory. Thanks for your help Andrea
[23/5, 2:24 pm] Andrea Costar: You are always welcome. As I said all for His glory. 🙏
[23/5, 2:31 pm] Benaz: Praise and thank you Lord for your presence at the LSS.🙌🙏thank you Audrey for the awesome insight into holy spirit in our prayer life🙋and the symbol of dove that will remind us of your teachings always. Thank you for the workshops.👍 Holy experience and time well spent on the feast of Pentecost👍✝thank you Robin and Michelle for the well organised seminar. Stay blessed all with the anointing of the holy spirit Kenny and Benaz 🙏
[23/5, 2:32 pm] Audrey Cooper: Glad you liked the teachings my dear. Yes it truly was a morning well spent. In HIS presence. 😘
[23/5, 2:58 pm] Audrey Cooper: Praise God for you in my life dear Audrey
Thanks a million The talks were so profound. Once again Thanks to you n Robin
God bless. Lena
[23/5, 3:03 pm] +64 21 186 5044: Thank you Audrey for giving us an in depth understanding of the Holy Spirit. And to Robin for his unwavering support. God will continue to shower you both abundantly with His Grace and Blessings always. Stay blessed and continue to shepherd His sheep. You have definitely helped me in my spiritual journey. 🥰💕🧸🙏
[23/5, 3:06 pm] Audrey Cooper: Oh I’m go glad to this. Makes it worth the ground I’m standing on. That’s my goal to help others in their spiritual journey. Thanks dear 😘🥰
[23/5, 3:10 pm] Nila: Thank you Audrey for the inspiring teaching on the Holy Spirit. Made me realise what an awesome presence He is in our lives. Thanks again
[23/5, 3:15 pm] Jeff (+Goretti): Wonderful Blessed day and great insight into the gifting of the Holy Spirit for us to live and serve others through the Lord who works with us, Amazing teaching Audrey and so easy to understand, God bless you and Robin for everything, Thanks you
[23/5, 3:22 pm] +64 210 630 701: Thanks Audrey and Robin for the inspiring seminar.Audrey the prayer session with you was truly amazing.Felt the profound power of Holy Spirit in the room which made some of us cry and realize our Lord is with us always even when we are in doubt.God bless you both ,Michelle and all the other leaders and ministries .Audrey ,thanks for all the hard work and the effort ,to make it easier for us to understand the word of God .
[23/5, 3:36 pm] Louella (ES): Thank you Audrey, Robin, Michelle and the other Ministry leaders for the meaningful, powerful, insightful session that Holy Spirit engineered for us all today. I’m certainly feeling empowered by Him which walks with me. 🙏🏻💛🌈
[23/5, 3:38 pm] Shelly: Thanks and Praise 🙌 to the presence of the Trinity today at our meeting. Audrey, thanks so much for your inspiring teachings on the Holy Spirit. Thanks also to Robin, Michelle, and all the helpers (angels) who made this day a wonderful experience!
[23/5, 4:19 pm] Maria Jose: Thank you very much Audrey for your awesome teaching on Holy Spirit. Thanks Robin and Michelle for helping with the organization of the LSS. God bless you all abundantly always.🙏
[23/5, 4:52 pm] +64 21 513 917: Thank you again & again…every session with you is worth our time. May the Holy Spirit be a constant in our lives. To Robin & Michelle…thank you for your commitment & support….Alleluia!!!

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